on the high platform, he almost failed to escape several times and was injured by the big ax in Qiu Zitao’s hand. .

on the high platform, he almost failed to escape several times and was injured by the big ax in Qiu Zitao’s hand. .
Using a dagger to block the axe, the result was that the blade of the dagger was hit with a gap. If he hit it again, it would probably be broken directly. When he was finally forced to retreat, Liu Gan took the risk and tried to raise his arms, but he actually blocked the powerful and heavy blow of the ax in Qiu Zitao’s hand!
Moreover, the fog armor was not damaged. It seemed that his alloy arm was harder than the axe, so the axe could not hurt Liu Gan at all!
In this case, there was nothing to be afraid of. Liu Qian continued to move around. Qiu Zitao struck with his ax one after another, but Liu Qian used his arms to hold them up. This made Qiu Zitao secretly happy. Seeing him, Lai Liu Gan must have had no choice but to use the fog armor of his body to resist his ax attack. If this continues, sooner or later he will be able to break Liu Gan’s armor.
He certainly didn’t expect that he used so much force and chopped all of it on Liu Qian’s alloy arm, but it didn’t cause any damage to Liu Qian’s external fog armor at all.
Liu Qian had almost figured it out by this point. His anger gauge was almost full again. A moon blade could pass by at any time and he could end the fierce battle with Qiu Zitao or even kill him. However, for such a long time, I have not been able to find a player who is evenly matched with me for a head-on PK. This is a good opportunity to practice skills and accumulate PK experience. It would be bad if it ends too quickly.
/Therefore, Liu Qian was not in a hurry to counterattack Qiu Zitao with the moon blade, so he simply pretended that he could not fight back, kept dodging and moving around, and used Qiu Zitao as a sparring partner. It’s rare for someone to have this level of combat power, and also want to kill himself. If he doesn’t take this opportunity to practice his reaction ability, it would be a waste!
After settling on this mentality, Liu Qian stopped fighting back at all and just kept circling Qiu Zitao on the high platform. When Qiu Zitao slashed, he would dodge. If he slashed again, he would dodge again. If he couldn’t dodge, he would use his arms to block it. Qiu Zitao was getting increasingly unable to hit the willow stem, and he began to become anxious, so he struck faster and harder.
Liu Qian went from being embarrassed at the beginning to becoming more comfortable later on. I have to say that this kind of actual combat has indeed improved his actual combat ability very well.
However, in the eyes of outsiders, Qiu Zitao’s advantage became more and more obvious in this scene. Liu Qian didn’t even have the strength to fight back. Even Han Guangming and others became anxious and worried.
In the view of Han Guangming and others, even if Master Liu could fight back, he would not lose the fight. The problem is, now that he no longer has the ability to fight back, how can the fight continue? It seems that Mr. Liu has indeed met an expert today, and he may ve