ou have a premeditated plan to harm me! Who sent you here!?” At

ou have a premeditated plan to harm me! Who sent you here!?” At
first, some people did not believe it, but after him With such an excited question, there was no doubt about Mr. Bailong’s identity. Who is the third prince of Xihai Dragon Palace? There are lyrics that sing well: You carry the burden and I hold the horse, welcoming the sunrise and sending away the sunset. This “horse” is the white dragon horse that Tang Monk rode all the way west! Before he was demoted for some reason, he was also a serious “rich, handsome” man. But then he did something stupid and tricked his father, and then his father tricked him (based on “Journey to the West”), and he went round and round and was tricked, and finally he was removed from the immortal status and deposed. Immortal power was demoted to the mortal world and became a “tall, poor and handsome” monster. But now it seems that even if he is demoted, the dignified Third Prince of the West is still living strong and nourishing.
Everyone in Class 1237 also looked at each other with strange expressions on their faces. Who would have thought that as soon as they entered the scene, they would meet such a “famous horse”? Of course, no one would consider this an honor. On the contrary, what a terrible thing it is! After all, he is a member of the “Sutra Collection Group” with the surname Zhenger Ba Jing. Although he is being ridden, his strength, which exists only as a demon, has been experienced by everyone with their own lives just now.
Faced with the question from “Mr. White Dragon”, Wang Ning shrugged and said, “That’s not important. What’s important is whether you can do as I ask and use that person’s life in exchange for the life of your wife and lover.” Remember, come on one by one!”
“Master Bailong” shouted in unison, and one of them rushed out and shouted directly at Yin Kuang: “Take your life!” A white figure In a flash, he rushed in front of Yin Kuang and fought with Yin Kuang. It can be seen that “Master Bailong” is very angry at this moment. Of course, he vented all his anger on Yin Kuang. The two of them fought together, and after a few staggers, Yin Kuang was hit by the fist of “Mr. White Dragon” and flew out.
/When everyone in Class 1237 saw it, their hearts were in their throats. Wei Ming, Hong Zhong and others had just recovered from their injuries and wanted to go up to help Yin Kuang, but Wang Ning said: “This is his battle, don’t meddle in other people’s business. Otherwise, I will let the White Dragon Masters go up together, Then none of you will survive!”
“Wang Ning, why are you doing this?” Qian Qianqian said angrily, her big eyes full of anger and tears.
Wang Ning sneered, “Stop talking nonsense. Paying back debts is a matter of course. I’m warning you, whoever dares to stand up at this time will be buried with him! Huh!” At
this time, Yin Kuang’s voice was in everyone’s consciousness. The voice rang, “Li Shuangmu, take everyone out of here immediately. Listen to me, this is a holiday between me and Wang Ning. You can’t help much by