silver container had been opened like petals, but unfortunately it had become empty.

silver container had been opened like petals, but unfortunately it had become empty.
/“Hell, the more I think about not having this kind of bad luck happen, The more it happens…” Zhang Li thought about it angrily. He had to go back to New York in three days to attend the banquet at Senator Hauge’s manor. It was unrealistic to hunt down a spirit in such a short time.
In desperation, He could only give up the plan to experiment immediately, and began to seriously study the derivation process of the ‘stabilizer’ formula left by Stephen, trying to configure the ‘stabilizer’ at different stages, labeling the latter ones and putting them in In a metal container, packed in a suitcase.
After finishing all the stabilizers, more than twenty hours had passed before he knew it. Zhang Lisheng stretched out, found a rag, wiped off the blood on the ground with detergent, and notified several familiar servicemen at the base. After cleaning up the laboratory, we returned to New York by boat.
Chapter 275: Mysterious Call
It was already evening when the ship docked. Zhang Lisheng walked onto New York’s Newport under the dim sunset and slowly walked out of the port with the flow of people.
On the way to pick up the car, he met a young vendor selling hamburgers and hot dogs. He smelled the aroma of sausages being baked, touched his hungry belly, and couldn’t help but walk to the side of the road and said, “Hey man, give me four beef burgers. Six hot dogs and half a dozen ice cokes to take away.”
When the customer came, the vendor wearing a clean bib greeted enthusiastically: “Okay, four beef pots, six hot dogs, and half a dozen ice cokes, the price is NT$23. “, he quickly took out the hot bun from the oven and cut it, added the fried beef patties, lettuce and cheese sauce, made it into a hamburger, and wrapped it in a paper bag.
At this moment, a guy wearing a black robe and covering his face with a cloak suddenly walked up to the hamburger stall and forced a leaflet into Zhang Lisheng’s hand, “Sir, the end is coming, God loves the world.”
/Zhang Lisheng glanced at the familiarity in his hand. On the front was an earthling struggling in the steam, and on the back was a leaflet of joyful believers walking in paradise. He smiled noncommittally, but the vendor on the side had already said with a cold face: “Tang Ni, I don’t care if you go crazy, but don’t disturb my guests.”
“Excuse me, no, this is my redemption!
My good friend Joseph, when will you wake up and fall into the arms of the Lord Christ,” the voice of the man in black robe He said softly and artificially: “The end is coming. Only the Lord Christ can fight against the invasion of those ‘other worlds’ and save the world…”
“Shut up, Donnie, we can only rely on ourselves to fight against the invasion of those ‘other worlds’.”
I have signed up to serve today and will set off at the end of the month. If I’m lucky, I can become an ‘Iron Warrior’ next year. Go to the battlefield, and when the time comes, I will kick the butts of those ‘Kaladorians’ and let th