e hung out of his mouth. He must have been hallucinating.

e hung out of his mouth. He must have been hallucinating.
It looks like this almost every time he eats it, and Han Xuan is used to it.
/Then Jigglypuff rolled and got up, running around the room, turning his head as he ran, as if something was chasing him.
Running around, bumping into the sofa, rolling over, getting up and continuing to run. His funny expressions and actions made Han Xuan want to add this scene into the movie.
Anya stretched and walked downstairs. She saw the fat cat rolling on the ground and asked Han Xuan, “Did you feed it catnip again?” ”
Well, how about your marshmallows? He likes them too. Do you want to eat?”
Han Xuan walked over shamelessly, wanting to kiss him good morning like other couples, but unfortunately he was rejected ruthlessly. Anya was very embarrassed because so many people were watching.
She felt sweet in her heart again, and she made a point of tidying up when she got up in the morning, but she was fed up with Han Xuan’s endless requests for kisses, especially in public.
The “marshmallow” Han Xuan mentioned was the winged ragdoll cat that was taken away by Anya a few months ago. After it was discovered by a reporter, it appeared in the “Times” in October and is now very famous in the UK. So far, no one has come to claim it, so it is definitely a stray cat.
Some cat lovers asked the newspaper to help contact the cat owner, saying that they wanted to buy an extremely rare marshmallow. The highest bid was 63,000 pounds. Knowing that the anonymous Anya would not sell it for money, the newspaper helped. Rejected.
She nodded and said: “It’s good. My mother is taking care of it. Actually, the nanny is helping. Last time, Marshmallow was tested for Toxoplasma gondii. After taking the medicine, it was fine. It also gave me a fever.”
Toxoplasma gondii is a kind of disease that often occurs in Parasites appear in various domestic animals, especially cats. Extremists once said that they would eliminate all domestic cats in the world to eliminate this pathogen.
Ordinary people may suffer from this disease if they come into contact with animals or eat undercooked meat. At most, they will only have fever, body soreness, diarrhea, etc. Antibodies will be produced in a few days.
However, if a pregnant woman contracts this disease during pregnancy, it is very likely to be transmitted to the fetus, causing various misfortunes. Therefore, it is recommended not to keep pets during pregnancy, and even if you do, you should do various tests.
“Oh, you are also infected, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick when you give birth to your baby. Jigglypuff and the others don’t like to play with animals in the wild, which makes me feel relieved. Also, your family hired a nanny? Your mother actually Will you hire a nanny?”
Han Xuan sounded surprised. Both mother and daughter had strange personalities. It was hard to imagine that Lady Cecilia had begun to learn to enjoy themselves.
Hearing “baby”, Anya rolled her eyes at him and retorted: “My mother is not as unreasonable