out of Sun Hao’s hand, spinning in an arc in the air.

out of Sun Hao’s hand, spinning in an arc in the air.
In Sun Hao’s own dubbing, the basketball hit the net.
His personal score reached 19 points again! Tied the career record against the Bulls!
74 to 81!
Forget it, the Mavericks narrowed the point difference to 7 points!
There was a commotion in the place.
Brown didn’t make any adjustments.
It was just a three-pointer, and he didn’t think there was any problem with his tactical arrangement.
And the 76ers’ offense in the next round also verified this.
Iverson broke into the paint and caused a layup that caused Nowitzki’s hitter to foul.
His beloved disciple, as long as he keeps scoring on the offensive end, this game cannot be overturned.
Iverson goes to the free throw line.
The fans’ shouts of “MVP” rang in his ears.
AI will never show mercy at critical moments!
The 76ers once again took a 9-point lead.
Time, 4 minutes and 20 seconds left.
And looking back, Nash continued to score points, but Finley still couldn’t find the touch. The three-pointer missed the basket and Ratliff protected the defensive rebound.
There are only 4 minutes left in the game.
Brown sat back on the bench.
/The balance of victory has tilted infinitely towards his side.
Iverson once again hit the basket, but unfortunately this time the referee did not give a whistle.
As soon as Brown sat down, he jumped up on the bench angrily.
He walked up to the referee and questioned loudly, but it didn’t change anything. Instead, it gave the 76ers a technical foul.
Iverson, a player with few whistles in the league, is treated the same as the future Stephen Curry.
Nash went to the free throw line and made a solid technical foul.
The score difference was reduced to 8 points.
Technical foul and free throw, the ball is still in the Mavericks’ possession.
Kukoc served the ball from the sideline.
Sun Hao and Nowitzki made a pick-and-roll without the ball on the serving side.
After breaking it open, Sun Hao reached out to catch the ball.
On the opposite side, Hill’s defensive steps obviously failed to keep up.
But Iverson on the other side came directly to help defend.
Sun Hao has made 4 three-pointers tonight, the most among the Mavericks players.
After Sun Hao saw it, he shot the ball ahead of schedule.
The ball flew over Iverson’s head and was lobbed directly to Nash.
Nash didn’t hesitate after receiving the ball and shot directly from the outside three-pointer.
The trajectory of the ball is very positive.
The force of the ball is just right!
Nash’s three-pointer hit the net!
It’s not that Nash can’t shoot, it’s just that he doesn’t want to shoot!
Even though he hasn’t reached his peak yet, his shooting is still accurate!
You must know that Nash’s career three-point shooting percentage is 42.8%! The most accurate season is 47%!
The president, executive chairman and office director of the 180+ Club is not in vain!
The point difference suddenly became 5 points!
Time, 3 minutes and 15 seconds left!
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