ng him was a normal move, but picking him was a surprise.

ng him was a normal move, but picking him was a surprise.
Jazz didn’t choose, and his nervousness gradually relaxed.
In this case, he will just wait until the Lakers.
/If the Lakers don’t draft him in the end as Barkley said, then he will go to the Mavericks.
There’s nothing wrong with playing with Nowitzki under Nelson.
And there is another advantage in the second round. There is no Arenas clause at this time, so he can seize the opportunity to get more money.
After all, the rules are not perfect at this time, and it is easy to make more money in the early part of the second round than at the end of the first round.
He can even take the opportunity to turn Arenas’s clause into Sun Hao’s clause, which is not a loss.
“Where’s Rich Paul?”
Su Qun said at this time.
Sun Hao also noticed that his agent was no longer around.
Originally, after he relaxed, he wanted to complain about the other party’s use of Christians to trick him, which almost never worked.
“The Chicago Bulls choose Sun Hao, a 1.83 meter point guard from China.”
“I choose you! I choose you!”
Sun Hao was still looking for Rich Paul, but was immediately pulled away by Su Qun’s excited shouts came back.
His face was flushed, he had no dimples, but he was as drunk as a dog.
Sun Hao didn’t turn around at first. He didn’t react until he saw the staff bringing him a Bulls red and black hat.
Bulls, draft him!
And it was used directly in the first round!
Only one pick lower than the Jazz’s pick!
Sun Hao really didn’t expect this result.
You must know that Krause’s previous draft commitment was for the second round, but now he was taken directly in the first round!
Sun Hao stood up, took the Bulls hat, and put it on his head.
The draft scene was a bit confusing.
Before this, let alone Asian players, not even European defenders had made it past the first round!
But now, an Asian defender who plays in Europe has made it, and he is the 24th pick in the first round!
Did the Bulls take the wrong medicine?
Does Klaus have dementia?
This 1.83 meter defender doesn’t look like someone who can play well.
In the media area, Barkley’s jaw dropped in shock.
He was really beaten up by society.
This is so unscientific!
/Smith didn’t even celebrate winning the bet, because honestly the Bulls’ selection was so unexpected.
According to previous draft predictions, the Bulls will most likely choose Dalibor Baglic, a 2.16-meter white center.
You must know that Bagrich performed well in Chicago’s trial training, and there are rumors that he has received a draft commitment from Chicago!
Of course, the most shocked person was “Magic” Johnson, who had already received the information that the Lakers wanted to select Sun Hao.
What Barkley said above is correct, but it’s not absolute.
Phil Jackson’s preferences should also be determined based on the actual situation.
If there are suitable tall guards, of course you have to choose them. If not, this preference will naturally disappear.
In fact, Barkley