f the night. Boy, I’m riding a new bike alone again. If I don’t grab a ride, I’d be sorry for the tough folk customs of Qingzhou.

f the night. Boy, I’m riding a new bike alone again. If I don’t grab a ride, I’d be sorry for the tough folk customs of Qingzhou.
Wen Liang got on the car and drove away quickly. The security officer waved his hand, and four capable young people immediately went out and followed him in an inconspicuous van. One of them had eyes as cold as a poisonous snake.
The night wind blew against his face. Wen Liang was riding fast, but he didn’t feel the biting cold wind of late autumn and early winter. Since his rebirth, he has rarely been so excited as a young man, and would do such seemingly stupid things for a girl. It’s more likely that the recent series of conflicts have kept his spirit in a state of tension, so he deliberately vented it.
On the autumn night of 1995, riding a bicycle through the alleys covered with dry yellow, all the fairy tales about youth in the picturesque season appeared in the girl’s gaze. What else could be better than this? Can it better describe the innocence of young boys and girls in this era?
Wen Liang is not innocent, but it does not prevent him from using a pious attitude to protect Xu Yao’s graceful years and leave a series of beautiful memories for her growth.
Memory is the touch lightly written with an eyebrow pencil at every unexpected moment. It is like a gurgling stream flowing through bluestone, leaving no trace but cleansing the soul!
Wen Liang stopped on Chunxi Road, tapped his foot on the ground, and shouted to Villa No. 1, which symbolizes power and status:
This may be the reason why the villa on Chunxi Road has been the residence of the Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary for more than ten years. , the only time someone yelled at it at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. In fact, Wen Liang knew that Xu Fuyan was not at home, otherwise he wouldn’t have the guts to abduct his daughter.
The window on the second floor opened in response, revealing Xu Yao’s smiling face that was both shy and angry.
A moment later, a girl wearing a red top and black jeans ran straight over from the road. She slowed down as she approached, put her hands behind her back, and circled around the boy on the bicycle, her bright eyes filled with confusion. You Ruowu smiled: “Well, it’s so luxurious and elegant. Silly boy, we haven’t seen each other for a few days, and you have become a car owner. You are getting rich first.”
Wen Liang heard the little girl’s reserve and returned it. He especially said “I haven’t seen him for a few days” to cover up his emotions on the phone. He didn’t say anything, patted the back seat of the car, and said with a smile: “It seems that Secretary Xu has given you a lot of political lessons. The first is to get rich, and the other is to get rich later. I will reluctantly let you have a taste of the aristocratic life of the car owners and take a tour.” How’s the night view of Qingzhou?”
Xu Yao kept smiling, but did not go to the back. She bent down and got under Wen Liang’s arm. She stood on tiptoes and raised her buttocks to sit l