thief in one hand, and got out of the car with Si Yajing.

thief in one hand, and got out of the car with Si Yajing.
Si Yajing already understood the cause and effect, and knew that Wen Liang was trying to help her when she was almost injured. She gently rubbed his scratched arm with her fingers, her eyes were red, and she said: “You, if you lose things, just throw them away. People get hurt.” What should I do? Money is important to no one.”
Wen Liang didn’t want to get entangled in the topic. He became petty and whispered in her ear: “Yes, of course money is important to no one. I saw him reaching out to touch you. “As he spoke, his eyes involuntarily fell on Si Yajing’s charming buttocks, and a smile escaped from the corner of his mouth.
The roots of Si Yajing’s ears turned red, and she rolled her eyes at him a little shyly and annoyedly. She just caught his eyes, and suddenly felt a slight itching in her buttocks, but she didn’t feel disgusted in her heart. She stretched out her hand to pound her in anger. Touched his shoulder.
/“Damn, I really thought you were brave enough to do justice. It turns out you had an affair with this beauty. You know how to make love.”
/Your mother’s leg was so painful that she cried for father and mother, but she was still in the mood to pay attention to her flirting. ? Wen Liang didn’t know what to say about this person, so he knelt down and said with a smile: “Brother, you are so cruel! Why don’t you just steal something and get caught? As for stabbing someone with a knife? If something really happened, your You don’t want your head anymore?”
The thin man hummed and said with a wry smile: “The atmosphere was so heated that I couldn’t control it for a moment! In our line of work, we are most afraid of getting our brains heated up. Okay, boy, I admit defeat today, front left Turn 200 meters to the police station, just send me there.” ”
Haha, I won’t trouble the comrades at the police station for this little thing. I don’t think you are a heinous bad guy, so be it.”
Joy flashed in the eyes of the thin man. Yajing hesitated for a moment, pulled Wen Liang’s clothes, and was about to stop him. She thought Wen Liang was young and soft-hearted. She didn’t know how dangerous the scene just now was. To let the thin man go like this was not only irresponsible for herself, but also irresponsible for the safety of others.
Wen Liang didn’t look back, but reached out and held her little hand, squeezing it gently in the smooth and cold palm. Si Yajing’s heart skipped a beat, and she struggled twice but couldn’t break free. She looked around subconsciously, fearing that someone would see her.
He is just my student, nothing, nothing, just hold my hand.
Si Yajing tried her best to comfort herself, but she didn’t know that having this thought was an unforgivable mistake.
Fall begins with a little temptation.
“Let’s do this,” Wen Liang gestured back and forth on the thin man’s arm with a switchblade, and said calmly: “Either I cut it here for you, or you cut it yourself, how about that?”
Wen Liang’s expression was kind, and his tone w