and continue to destroy the hunting and fishing grounds of the natives.” “

and continue to destroy the hunting and fishing grounds of the natives.” ”
Yes, general.” The communications officer in a snow-white military uniform replied solemnly and spread out in front of him. A few clicks on a three-dimensional screen conveyed the fleet commander’s order to the frigate.
A few seconds later, the three Atlantis warships that were hovering on the scorched earth next to Wu Lizu’s land slowly started to glow with a faint light, and swept forward in the clouds and mist.
After a while, the sky returned to calm. At this time, in a cave buried deep in the soil on the edge of the indigenous tribe on the ground, a young native wearing a golden hoop, blood-red tattoos on his face, and sizzling teeth appeared. Watching the ‘Sky Beast’ go away through the periscope, he said loudly to the Wu Litou: “Those foreigners escaped with the ‘Sky Beast’!
Taking advantage of the opportunity of them flying at low altitude, the warrior leader under my command could cast spells Killed them all, but now the opportunity is gone…”
/The high status and unique seal given by the gods can bring glory, but they cannot make the strong feel respected, especially when the strong person is young and loses because of When he commanded an army of 250,000 soldiers with great military exploits.
“Kill them all, Commander of the Lumis Army. Although the ‘celestial beasts’ of those strangers have been lowered a bit just now, they are still in the sky where artillery cannot attack. Do you really think that rashly launching a spell can succeed?” The flickering light of the fire In the middle, Tugra said with a gloomy face: “What’s more, they have never attacked any Wuli people…” ”
But those foreigners have destroyed dozens of our hunting and fishing grounds!”
“I have ordered a new start. Start fishing in the underground river, which can make up for the lack of food. Please remember that only the great gods can decide the fate of those strangers!”
When the Wu Litou mentioned the word “gods”, Lu Moshe’s face changed. He changed, bowed his head piously and said, “May your glory, Wu Li, always shine on the islands.” He stopped talking, but it could be seen from his forbearing eyes that he was not convinced.
/When the Wu Litou people won the verbal battle with the tribe’s youngest legion leader, a fleet of more than twenty giant biological weapons was already flying in the air, rushing towards Wu Li Island from the raging sea.
If the distance of more than 20,000 kilometers were in subspace and the air flow resistance was extremely small, the biochemical warship would only need less than three hours to complete it. However, the interstellar orbit of the ‘Ocean Shrimp World 2’ is full of meteorites and meteors. There was no flight route at all, so the fleet could only fly slowly within the atmosphere.
From early morning to late night, and from late night to noon, more than thirty hours later, an island that looked like a date pit from a bird’s eye view finally appeared in front of the huge war weapons flying in formation.