d. He snorted and gave up his violent methods for the time being.

d. He snorted and gave up his violent methods for the time being.
Wen Liang immediately pushed further and said: “There are many people with this kind of character in reality. Some people may just be shameless, some don’t want family affection, and some don’t want love. On TV, they just concentrate all the shortcomings on one person to create dramatic tension. . In the final analysis, Ding Youkang, who is so bad, is just a reflection of the real society!”
These words seemed to make some sense, but Ding Mei still felt that her son’s thoughts had gone astray, and she could not find any words to refute. , patted the table and shouted: “Old Wen, come out to do ideological work.”
Wen Huaiming’s voice came from the study: “Admit your mistake to your mother!”
Okay, the words are concise, concise and clear, Wen Liang curled his lips and said : “Okay, I was wrong!”
Ding Mei hugged his son with a smile and said, “Is Ding Youkang bad?”
“Be good!”
Wen Liang naturally did not agree with Ding Youkang’s world view. These words made Ding Mei amused. There are many ingredients, but although TV series tell stories, there is truth hidden in the stories!
Good guys and bad guys have never been so clear-cut!
Wen Liang turned his head, and Shao Meiqi said to Wen Zhaolun: I had a silly idea when I was a child. Every time I saw my shadow on the ground, I always wanted to jump over it, but I couldn’t jump over it every time. The shadow was always in front of me, but Later, I finally understood. I thought about how to jump over. Do you know how to jump? (She smiled and turned around) Look, the shadow is behind you. For many things, you shouldn’t just think about the past, but the future.
/By jumping over your own shadow, you can walk out of the darkness and toward the light. Unfortunately, some people can’t do it in their lifetime, so Ding Youkang died in the end.
Since his rebirth, what Wen Liang has done, is doing, and will do is just to escape from his own shadow, even if this shadow has been separated by time and space.
As the opening song goes, what do I want in life? I can never see through it in my confusion. I didn’t expect that what I lost was actually everything I had.
After Ding Mei yawned and went back to his room to sleep, Wen Liang knocked on the door of the study room, pushed it open and walked in. Wen Huaiming was leaning on the desk sorting documents. Without raising his head, he said, “Is your mother asleep?” ”
Well, what are you busy with?”
“There is something to be discussed in the office meeting tomorrow. There is a small mistake in the office. I It has to be re-examined.”
Wen Liang looked at his father under the lamplight. His black hair reflected the silver light, as if it had suddenly turned white. He sighed inwardly and asked, “When will your appointment be announced?”
Wen Huaiming paused. After a pause, he said: “It’s only been in the past few days, but someone in the province seems to be talking. Secretary Xu is a little resistant, but it’s not a big problem. Don’t worry!”