oods and so on. I drove her to the airport at around 3 a.m. to take the earliest flight to the East China Sea. I estimate that I won’t be able to stay in the East China Sea for more than a few days. I will be spending the Spring Festival in Beijing this year. The whole family will go there, so I naturally have to go back early to make some preparations.

After seeing his wife off, he did not return to the city bureau. Instead, he went straight to the Shenzhen Branch of the People’s Bank of China to participate in a video and telephone conference hosted by Director Ding. To be precise, it should be a “seminar” on policy.
Although there are all kinds of chaos in the art market, and although some investment giants often make big moves to make waves in the market, compared with other industries, the market is not big after all, and it has just emerged in the past few years, so it cannot withstand the troubles. It is necessary to regulate and protect at the same time, and cannot be beaten to death with a stick.
At the end of the remote meeting, a leader suddenly appeared in the video and delivered an important speech based on this point, emphasizing that no matter what the research results are and no matter what measures are to be taken next, it is not a special rectification action at the national level.
It may sound like “covering one’s ears and stealing the bell”, but superiors do have difficulties, and when making such a big decision, all aspects of the impact must be taken into consideration.
It is worth mentioning that Han Bo did not speak from beginning to end, but only listened with his ears.
/Anti-money laundering is a matter for the People’s Bank of China. How to supervise trust companies and art funds that are causing trouble in the art market is the purview of the China Banking Regulatory Commission. How to regulate the entire art market should be under the control of the cultural department. The public security is only a supporting role and can only provide assistance in accordance with the law.
/Despite this, several pages of records were recorded in the small notebook.
Unexpectedly, I packed up my pen and paper, put my computer bag on my back and walked out of the branch. I opened the car door and got into the cab. Director Ding, whom I had just met on the big screen in the conference room on the third floor, called me.
“Han Bo, what do you think of the meeting just now?”
“It was timely, necessary, and successful.” Han Bo put his computer bag aside and put on his Bluetooth headset as a habit.
Ding Xingli was dumbfounded by this answer. He couldn’t help laughing and scolding: “When will you learn to speak in an official manner? Don’t come here with these empty heads. Give me something practical.” ”
I’m telling the truth.” Dezhengshun, being dragged to do this by you, Han Bo really had some objections to his old friend on the other end of the phone. He said seriously: “The entire art market is full of chaos. It can be said that it has grown up with all kinds of chaos. No. Is it ok to foll