commander-in-chief of the platoon operation, Han Bo became an “idler”.

commander-in-chief of the platoon operation, Han Bo became an “idler”.
Unable to intervene, I could only look at the actions of Director Yun from the Town Work Office, Director Wu from the Family Planning Office, Director Wang from the Civil Affairs Office, and Yang Xiaomei, an old friend and colleague from the old work unit who had been transferred to Liangzhuang from Yongyang after the Spring Festival but had never met. Qian Peng, the lover and organization director of Liangzhuang Town, is busy.
Before the annexation of townships, they belonged to four different townships and were familiar with the situation in their respective areas.
They are responsible for recording several villages, how many villager groups there are in a village, the exact location of the group in the village, and the approximate population of the group in the village. They know it very well.
Even though they knew it well, they drew a few tables by hand just to be sure. Taking advantage of the gap between answering the phone and returning the intercom call, fill in each village and group in the front column. After the front line touches one, pick up the pen and put a check mark behind the corresponding village group.
/The whole town is mobilized, and the crowd tactics are guaranteed to be fake!
Party members and cadres who usually seem to be overstaffed can exert great power as long as they are organized. To queue up 126,000 people in just 5 hours, if there is no town party committee and town government, if there are not so many party members and cadres, just relying on the nearly 100 policemen and joint defense team members of the Liangzhuang Public Security Bureau is tantamount to wishful thinking.
Concentrating one’s strength to do things well is the superiority of socialism. Han Bo was filled with emotions and worried a little about gains and losses.
From the perspective of solving the case, I hope to find out the clues.
But having clues doesn’t mean that the case can be solved and the murderer can be brought to justice, and he is a little worried about what to uncover. Subconsciously, I hope that everything is fine in my own jurisdiction, and that the problem lies in Xin’an.
While I was thinking wildly, the instructor called. He was in charge of logistics tonight.
“Han Bureau, the town just counted 164 people from Lizhuang, 183 from Dinghu, 155 from Yongyang, and 221 from Liangzhuang. Including the town government headquarters personnel, a total of 759 comrades participated in the operation. I will now ask Yongliang to Send overtime pay and dry food together. Ding Hu can entrust Director Yun and Director Qian to distribute it on your behalf.” ”
Sent it over, okay.”
“Han Bureau, then I’ll go to Yongyang.”
“Go ahead, go ahead. Come on, let Xiaoyan drive slower on the road.”
When the cannon goes off, there is a thousand taels of gold.
The bureau has approved a total of 50,000 yuan for the project. The overtime pay alone for the night platoon operation is 7,590 yuan. Taking into account the dry food for the com