otsteps are getting closer and closer.” Mamoru reminded the other side.

It cannot be said that the No. 2 Myth Center has wronged them all. For example, the shadow corresponding to the No. 1 Myth Center only reveals the tip of the iceberg. In Shou Hege’s plan, he did think about pulling the No. 2 Center’s hand. Let’s explore together with the supreme beings.
“The trust between people has been ruthlessly trampled on by you.” Yun Ling said.
Behind him, a small group of supreme beings nodded, either angrily or deliberately drawing a clear line, mainly because the pit opposite was a bit big.
/Suddenly, as if a heavy stone slab was moved and accidentally dropped to the ground, the entire deep space trembled.
“Where are you?” Ascetic Yihong’s pupils shrank and he pointed far below the center of No. 2. It is not within the mythical tide. It is also like its shadow zone, corresponding to the mysterious area. Dark, deep, and terrifying Taoist rhyme fluctuations come from there. came.
Not only the supreme beings in the No. 2 Myth Center were stunned, but even the powerful people in the No. 1 Center were greatly touched. Does every extraordinary source correspond to a dark shadow? The point is, there are mysterious and dangerous things in them!
“Stop talking, let’s overcome the difficulties together!” Lubo boss Yun Ling waved his hand. He felt that there could be no more internal strife and that he had to learn from the No. 1 center. The other party knew more than they did, and they were close to each other.
Now, they have no idea what lies behind the transcendent source.
At this time, heavy footsteps interrupted their conversation, and the terrifying fluctuations expanded, as if an endless fog was spreading and was about to arrive.
The most frightening thing was that their hearts and souls were trembling together, making everyone feel quite uncomfortable.
This anomaly, this situation, is like an extraordinary apocalypse, everything will be overturned, and both mythological centers are shaking.
“Here it comes!” Shou growled. He stared at the single pool of strange objects, but it was actually “dusty” and seemed to be covered with a layer of water mist.
He activated the treasure with all his strength, and the water surface became clearer with sparkling light, and then blurry scenery was reflected.
Mamoru stared, and Ge followed suit and looked toward the water.
Yun Ling and Huntian teleported at the same time and appeared in front of them.
Gradually, the water surface glowed, and a bright place emerged from the dusty area.
“It’s Myth Center No. 3?!” Yun Ling was stunned.
“Did you see anything else?” Huntian asked Shou.
“Center No. 3 is on the run.” Ge frowned. The source of the myth earlier was so powerful. It was the pursuer, making Center No. 2 flee all the way.
Now No. 3 is actually being pursued, crossing deep space.
“No. 3 is coming towards us.” Mamoru reminded all the supreme beings to prepare for changes.
The most terrible thing now is that the two extraordinary centers No. 1 and 2 have stop