to suffer “five toils and seven injuries” back then, but they are still at ease now.

If they had not met Caesar III, they would probably have become even more arrogant. Nobles, they are a group of lords who shine brightly when given a little sunshine.
/As soon as the border guards moved, they immediately attracted the attention of the Eagle Scouts, who quickly reported it to the commander of the Orc army.
/It’s just that the current situation is a bit special. The armies of the five royal families do not have a unified commander, but each command their own troops.
To be precise, it was the armies of the four royal families, and the little cavalry of the Bear Clan was almost negligible, so they went directly to clear out the rebellion.
The remaining armies of the four tribes also have great advantages. The only problem is that their forces are now spread out.
The main reason was that Hudson misjudged the strength in his hands. He originally thought that he could dispatch more than 10,000 cavalry at most, but he did not expect that he could gather all the personal guards and war horses of the noble officers.
“What do the scouts do for food? Why did the enemy suddenly gain 20,000 more cavalry?”
Prince Butzweig asked almost roaringly.
The enemy was extremely jealous when they saw each other. They originally thought that this was an opportunity for revenge, but they didn’t expect that the plan could not keep up with the change.
With a record of one against ten, it was commonplace for the Behemoth cavalry.
But the prerequisites depend on who the opponent is. Last time, more than 8,000 Beamon cavalry were severely beaten by Hudson with more than 30,000 human cavalry.
With just the 3,000 Behemoth cavalry in his hands, if he went to fight 30,000 human cavalry, he would definitely lose his life.
As for the existence of the Knights, it was directly ignored by Prince Butzweig. There is no way, who can guarantee that it will not happen this time?
From a purely superficial perspective, the noble guards recruited by Hudson were also cultivators, and even their armors were beautiful enough.
“Your Highness, there is no point in pursuing these matters now, so let’s avoid the spotlight for the time being!
Slow down the pursuit speed and leave this hard bone to the Lion Clan or Silver Moon Wolf Clan to chew on.
When both sides suffer losses, we will come out to clean up the mess! ”
Clark tried to persuade.
This time, that time.
It was too late to go back, the position of Beast King was settled, and Prince Butzweig’s life was not easy now.
When competitors came to power and did not launch a purge against losers like them, that was because Alex was looking out for the overall situation.
If something happens again, it will be to put the knife into the enemy’s hand.
When it comes to the struggle for imperial power, there is no room for tenderness.
Looking at the current situation of Prince Butzweig, we can see that the legion that suffered heavy losses not only failed to be replenished in time, but also took over the