hunder in the whistling sound. This was clearly the giant ax that had broken the speed of sound. In this roar and the roar of the royal army, the ogre in front of him even I only had time to stand up the wooden stick in my hand when I heard a crisp sound. The giant bronze ax first knocked the wooden stick into two pieces, and then slashed hard on the ogre’s chest. The huge The force even chopped the three-meter-tall ogre several meters away. On the spot, blood spurted out more than ten feet high.

The ogre’s heart is much stronger than that of humans. Once the aorta is broken, the blood spurting out is like a high-pressure water pipe. At this moment, the ogre’s heart artery was chopped by a bronze giant axe, but its heart artery is broken. Life is so tenacious that it can still move even after this chop. It actually propped up its body and tried to stand up again. It also wanted to use both hands to pull out the giant bronze axe.
But could Wang Jun give it this opportunity? After throwing the giant bronze ax, he still rushed forward crazily. When the ogre grasped the handle of the ax with both hands, he had already rushed forward. Without saying a word, he kicked it away, and there was another snap. With a crisp sound, the foot directly kicked the ogre’s lower body. Suddenly, as if the ogre had not been fatally injured at all, it burst out with an unimaginable high-pitched howl. Wang Jun ignored him and held up his hands. Holding the giant bronze ax, he pulled it out fiercely, and then slashed hard. He pulled it out and slashed three times in a row, cutting the ogre into bloody pieces. When his body was almost split into two pieces, he He turned around abruptly, not even bothering to wipe the blood off his face, and started running towards the nearest ogre again.
Although this fight lasted only a short time, the danger within it was difficult for others to realize. The king’s army first attacked the ogre holding the bronze giant axe, and then turned around to kill this one. As long as he makes the slightest mistake, he will be shattered into pieces. You must know that his strength is great, but his body defense is very weak. As long as these ogres use wooden sticks to touch his body, he will be seriously injured even if he is not dead. , the only thing he relies on is the brute force after entering the super state, which is definitely much more terrifying than the ogre.
(There are still two bodies of mine, I must hold on!)
/Wang Jun had already tried his best in the two attacks just now. At this moment, he felt that his whole body seemed to be a little unstable, and he didn’t know when he would exit this super state. If he did not have the support of his super state, he would not be able to say that he was cannibalism. He was possessed by a demon, and any giant rat could eat him alive, so why did he dare to delay there? Seeing the two ogres running in the distance, he also rushed away with an axe, and only rushed out dozens of meters. Left and right, but unexpectedly, a green light suddenly appeared on the farthes