had exploded next to him. Before he could recover from the tremor, there was a crisp sound and he was pinned to the ground by the giant wolf’s front paws. , and then, the giant wolf’s ferocious and terrifying toothy face bit towards him.

“Get away!”
When Pei Jiao opened his eyes, his attention was not the terrifying face in front of him, but the shrinking black hole space in the sky. The black hole space that was originally huge now only seemed to be about twenty meters at most. The width of it would shrink and disappear within a few seconds at most. Pei Jiao was already so frightened that he couldn’t care less about whether he would die or not. His consciousness instantly penetrated deep into the thunder and lightning runes, using his obsession and standard energy to The whole body was directed towards the thunder rune, and only a crackling sound was heard as Pei Jiao’s body began to expand rapidly.
The giant wolf pressing down on Pei Jiao originally bit him on the head, but as Pei Jiao’s body grew larger, the bite actually only bit Pei Jiao’s chest, and as Pei Jiao’s body grew larger, it originally The huge mouth that was enough to bite Pei Jiao in half only tore off a large piece of muscle on Pei Jiao’s chest. The comparison of the body shapes of the two parties also changed. By the time Pei Jiao’s body size increased to twelve or thirteen meters, At this level, the giant wolf is only about the same size as Pei Jiao.
/Although they were about the same size, Pei Jiao was now covered in thunder and lightning. Amidst the crackling sound, the entire paws of the wolf that stepped on Pei Jiao were completely blackened by the electricity, and then turned into countless light particles, all of which were directed towards him. The tear in Pei Jiao’s chest surged, and the giant wolf kept retreating. It dared to continue to touch Pei Jiao. Pei Jiao did not dare to entangle with the giant wolf. Leaving his body, he immediately stood up suddenly, and then summoned all his strength to jump towards the black hole space in mid-air.
/At this moment, Pei Jiao was about twelve or thirteen meters tall. With this violent jump, he jumped to a height of thirty meters. When the group of giant human-faced wolves rushed towards him, Pei Jiao’s huge His body had all rushed into the black hole space, and then his vision went dark, and a huge tearing feeling came from all around. His hands and feet were immediately torn to pieces by this huge force. Then countless cracks appeared on his body. When he was about to be torn away by this huge force, he didn’t know if it was luck or a coincidence. When he was covered with thunder and lightning, he happened to hit the giant wolf’s body. The front legs were turned into coke by the electricity, and then the front legs turned into light particles and repaired his wounds and cracks on their own. In the emergency situation before, he only jumped into the black hole space, but he didn’t expect those lights Most of the point particles were dragged into the black hole space by him. When his hands and fe