n the roof of the building opposite, Wei He’s figure suddenly appeared there.

n the roof of the building opposite, Wei He’s figure suddenly appeared there.
Cai Menghuan was stunned and looked at Wei He carefully, but was shocked to find that the other man’s face did not change at all.
And judging from the speed just now… Wei He’s cultivation level…
A glimmer of hope suddenly flashed in Cai Menghuan’s eyes.
Soon, his eyes met those of Wei He.
But then, he seemed to think of something. The light in his eyes slowly dimmed.
Wei He lightly jumped down and stood in front of him.
The two of them were standing in a corner, flanked by rows of memorial tablets being held in memorial ceremony.
“You…” Wei He looked at Cai Menghuan.
“I’m going to relax.” Cai Menghuan smiled.
“When we left, the sect leader asked me if I wanted to leave together. I refused.” He gently held the hands of the two women next to him.
If he went in, he would have to abandon the sisters who were in danger outside.
“Are you okay?” Wei He paused and asked.
“It’s okay. I’m a genius.” Cai Meng said with a smile, “I’m not very old, and I can live for a long time after practicing martial arts.” Of course, this is a lie. He is already a real person, and his body structure has changed.
Nowadays, if you lose your strength, you will eventually die soon.
Wei He fell silent.
“Besides, you should go back and take a look.” The smile on Cai Menghuan’s face faded.
Wei He paused and his figure suddenly disappeared.
At his current speed, he returned to the location of Wei Mansion in just a few breaths.
The plaque in the Wei Mansion at this time also had white silk hanging on it. Inside the open door, some crying could be heard faintly.
Wei He paused and walked forward step by step through the door.
The son, Wei An, and his wife were kneeling at the side of the lobby with a young child in their hands.
/Wan Qingqing knelt on the other side with a sad face, quietly burning the paper money in the brazier.
There are also the second sister Wei Ying and the eldest sister Wei Chun. Both of them were of ordinary strength and were not affected much. They were just dispersing their skills.
In addition, some of the masters of Wan Du Sect and the old servants of the Wei Mansion were kneeling in the back row.
“Master!?!” Suddenly a maid looked up and saw Wei He walking in the door, and exclaimed.
“The master is back!”
In the commotion, everyone was surprised and stood up to greet Wei He.
Wei He did not answer, but looked up. Behind the memorial tablets in the lobby, one of the portraits was his mother-in-law Wan Ling.
“Husband!” Wan Qingqing walked forward in a few steps. Except that her face looked a little older, she didn’t change much.
The virtual mist dissipated all her strength, and without the martial arts strength that nourished her beauty, it was normal for such changes to occur.
“Thank you for your hard work… Qingqing.” Wei He gently took Wan Qingqing into his arms.
During these days when he was away, Wan Qingqing managed everything in and out of the house.
“Husband, you…?” Wan Qi