Zhu Zizhen in an instant.

Zhu Zizhen in an instant.
Zhu Zizhen’s face twitched slightly as the majestic momentum that was like a toppling mountain came over him. He suppressed the panic in his heart and roared.
“Who are you!”
“Tianwu Mountain, Deputy Marshal of the Western Expedition.”
/Powerful arms were raised high, the cloak was torn open, and a one-eyed young man with wings on his back walked slowly from the end of the Suitian Road.
Mr. Jun’s second disciple, Deputy Marshal Li Che’er of the Western Expedition, who has distinguished himself in the battle of Tianwu Mountain, finally appears. In the heavy snow, the second battle at the gate of Tianwu Mountain is about to begin.
It turns out that he is just a disciple of Young Master Jun. I was just trying to scare myself.
Zhu Zizhen wiped the sweat from his forehead, a look of embarrassment flashed in the corner of his eyes, and secretly cursed himself for not living up to expectations, for being so panicked, and yet so embarrassing in front of everyone.
With Yuan Hong, a monkey in the world, as his elder brother, Zhu Zizhen, although he did not know everything about all the forces, he knew a lot about them. There are four powerful people in Tianwu Mountain, namely Jun Gongzi, Yue Luosha, Zuo Yousheng and Zhou Gu. Except for Zhou Jijun who has broken through the Qiongtian realm, the other three are still in the Xuantian realm. Under the four people, there is no Xuantian in Tianwu Mountain. Ling’er, who is at the peak of Fatian, is the leader, and the other disciples and star masters are all Fatian. The Li Che’er in front of him has fought several victorious battles, but he is an ordinary person. A martial artist, his cultivation level is also at the middle level of Fa Tian, ??but unfortunately he is not good at Xuan Dao and specializes in martial arts.
Heaven, earth, and the universe are a big world that is constantly developing, especially the four major continents. In ancient times, after the evil martial arts bloomed its most dazzling glory, it quickly declined and was replaced by Xuan Dao. For today’s powerful people in heaven and earth, Martial arts is just a minor way. Although there are still people who use it, they are all unknown.
/“It would be good to kill a disciple of Tianwu Mountain, but it’s a pity for those two little beauties.”
Zhu Zizhen gradually regained his confidence, raised his lips, and looked at the dilapidated chess club on the side. A girl in a pink dress was helping She walked out against the wall and looked at her junior brother complicatedly.
That’s all, let’s just kill this guy tonight. Firstly, I can avenge my second brother, and secondly, I can revive my reputation as the Seven Friends of Meishan.
It is a great blessing that I can live two lives. Apart from helping Brother Yang, there seems to be no hope for me. Instead of lingering and being bullied by this junior, it would be better to throw everything aside and kill him. It doesn’t matter what the saint’s decree is. Anyway, I, Yuan Hong, have lived enough in my previous life.
Zhu Zi