it was only then that the young man realized that the dragon had no horns on its head but two long ears.

it was only then that the young man realized that the dragon had no horns on its head but two long ears.
He carefully looked at the thickness of the bucket around him. It was seven or eight meters long. It looked like the green dragon in the New Year paintings. When the top of his head appeared in his mind, he naturally thought, ‘Using the water to grasp the clouds, swimming in the air to absorb the air. ‘The eight hieroglyphic witch insects felt extremely satisfied in their hearts.
/After all, ‘dragon’ is also a type of real ‘dragon’ in a broad sense, and ‘dragon’ has a very unusual status in the hearts of any Chinese people.
It is for this reason that Zhang Lisheng would rather give up the larvae of the dragon that symbolizes the ancient royal power of the Chinese people, and first transform into an ugly mountain toad. After all, he has tasted the essential improvement in combat effectiveness brought about by the giant witch insect too many times.
And once the ‘increasing and shrinking’ magical power becomes a ‘spiritual art’ that consumes negligible witchcraft power when used, he may just need to prepare a backpack to travel around the world with all the witch bugs.
“Li Sheng, what did you say?” Maddie asked after hearing the young man talking to himself with a somewhat regretful tone.
“It’s nothing, Maddie. Do you think what I showed you is interesting?”
“It’s amazing, although it’s not the same as I imagined.” Maddie put on his glasses again and tied up his hair with a strange expression.
/Zhang Lisheng was stunned, and touched the cold and smooth scales of the dragon with his hand, driving the witch insect to dive back into the Atlantic Ocean along the clouds and mist, saying, “Let’s go.”, and walked out of the woods with the girl.
After getting in the car, the boy suddenly said: “Maddie, you should know that I have a girlfriend, right?” ”
Yes, I am studying at Harvard University in Boston, right?” Maddie asked expressionlessly: “Are you married?”
The legal age for marriage in New York State is fourteen, and Zhang Lisheng has already exceeded it. However, in the eyes of the young man, marriage is a term that is very far away from him. He said dumbfounded: “Of course not.”
McGrady looked into the distance and added. The old Ford engine roared loudly when the throttle was opened. Amidst the huge noise, she whispered: “Then it’s over…”, then she stopped talking and silently sent Zhang Lisheng back to Bellucci. Hospital.
In the next few days, with Charlie’s lobbying, the boy was successfully transferred to the best private hospital in New York, Apple Island Health Medical Center.
In the United States, private hospitals in the broad sense account for 70% of the entire medical system. Most of them are small in scale. Ordinary people can go there for free treatment if they have medical insurance. Private hospitals in the narrow sense refer to those that are designed for wealthy people. There are very few medical institutions that provide excellent medical services, but they are top-notch in