ime, the third-grade long sword in his right hand stabbed out lightly. Although his long sword mastery was only at the 67% perfect level, he had the vision to master the half-step perfect heavy axe, which was beyond the reach of anyone with the same skill level as him. Sword mastery is beyond the reach of the longsword master.

Therefore, when the third-grade long sword was thrust out, the angle and strength were extremely clever. The long sword accurately penetrated the open mouth of the ‘Armored Rock Worm’ and penetrated directly into the brain. Before the ‘Armored Rock Worm’ could react, it struck again. Take back the long sword.
The ‘Armored Rock Worm’ was pierced into the brain with a sword, and its forelimbs instinctively swept towards David. However, David took a step faster, and while sheathing his sword, he withdrew from the attack range of the ‘Armored Rock Worm’.
David was very aware of the terrifying force of the sword he just struck. Although he looked at it stabbing and then withdrawing, the tip of the third-level sword shook as he penetrated the brain of the ‘Armored Rock Insect’.
Don’t underestimate this shake. You must know that the sword of the third-level long sword is in the brain of the ‘Armorous Rock Insect’. The damage caused by this shake can be several times more serious than an ordinary stab wound.
If the injury caused by a sword piercing the brain is a fatal injury, then combined with the skill of flicking the tip of the sword, the effect on the ‘Armored Rock Insect’ is instantaneous.
So just after the forelimbs of the ‘Armored Rock Worm’ swept across David’s shadow, its body fell heavily to the ground, and the Shadow Warrior easily absorbed the soul of the ‘Armored Rock Worm’.
The Chaofans present were all in a daze. This is not to say that David’s fighting power frightened them. Any Chaofan here could easily achieve the results that David achieved.
But now David took a long sword and easily eliminated a second-level Zerg. This kind of combat power was considered the top group among melee warriors.
“Master David, you’re not practicing mastery of the long sword specifically for this third-level long sword, are you?” Draper Chaofan of Sla Combat Academy said jokingly.
When seeing the third-grade long sword, all Chaofan knew clearly where the third-grade long sword with Chaofan’s sword came from.
David killed at least three supernatural beings, as many people know.
What Draper Chaofan didn’t expect was that his words did not make the Chaofans who knew David laugh, but instead made them look weird.
I have never seen David use a long sword before. Logically speaking, after having such a powerful heavy ax mastery, David should not learn to master the long sword at all.
Then the reason for David’s current long sword master ability is very likely to be what Draper Chaofan said. It is precisely because of this third-level long sword that David learned to master the long sword. .
/And it was the calculation of the earliest time David killed Chaofan, which was only a few months ago, that