t paying anything.

“Principal Lake, David doesn’t need ‘Perfect Physical Skills’, he wants to exchange it for points!” Kenny Chaofan said embarrassedly.
The request for ‘Perfect Physical Technique’ was made to the academy without David’s consent.
“Okay, let’s exchange it for points, and I’ll reward you with fifteen thousand points!” Lake Chaofan said directly.
For a genius like David, Lake Chaofan knows that such a genius has his own plans and is difficult to be influenced by others.
David’s background was not good, and he studied under Galen Chaofan. However, Galen Chaofan had a very low background among the Chaofan. His own cultivation method was problematic, let alone the cultivation of his disciples.
But under such training conditions, David still became an absolute genius among the soldiers.
Therefore, Lake Chaofan believes that David does not need too much guidance, but only needs to give David an environment to grow.
“David, you discovered this krypton crystal mine, so you can also observe some decisions!” Lake Chaofan said to David.
Originally, David should have left at this time, but Lake Chaofan had decided to train David and took special care of him.
/Involving David in the college’s major decision-making process is to show the outside world that Lake is paying attention to David.
“Last night, I reported to the Ministry of Education overnight and reached an agreement with the Sla Combat Academy in the Sla Star Region. The Sla Combat Academy will establish a base for their academy here and form a strategic alliance with our three academies. !” Lake Chaofan announced as he looked at the three Chaofans.
“Sla Combat Academy!” Kenny said in extraordinary surprise.
/Although the Sla star region is far away from the war zone, it is located in the star region with the most extraordinary creatures, which makes the people of the Sla star region extremely tough.
Located in the best Sila Battle Academy in the Sla Star Territory, this kind of higher education school named after the star domain is itself a gathering place for geniuses in the Sla Star Territory.
The Srila Combat Academy is different from other star field academies. This academy only recruits combat soldiers. The number of military students it recruits every year reaches a terrifying 50,000, which makes the overall combat power of the Srila Combat Academy very strong.
When a large-scale war could break out in the Guardian Star at any time, how could Kenny not be super excited to have such a powerful comrade join him?
“David, Sla Combat Academy regards this place as a base. The amount of kryptonite mined will not be too much. They estimate that they will only maintain the consumption of the base at most, but the interests of this base will be converted into credits, 5% If you share it with you, this will be an almost permanent continuous income, so although you will suffer some losses in a short period of time, it will still be very cost-effective in the long run!” Lake Chaofan turned to David and explained.
The academy base has its own cha