se all your money in just one day.”

se all your money in just one day.”
/After communicating on QQ for a period of time, Mr. Liu discovered that the female netizen often posted photos of luxury cars and mansions, and records of overseas travel in the QQ space, making her look like a “white, rich and beautiful girl.”
At the beginning of this year, a female netizen told Mr. Liu that she was engaged in overseas gold and silver trading and made a lot of money. She sent screenshots of her profits to Mr. Liu through QQ, and persuaded Mr. Liu to invest on the platform with her.
Mr. Liu said that he did not know much about platform investment, nor did he know much about the gold and silver market. The female netizen said she could recommend professional analyst guidance and pulled Mr. Liu into a QQ communication group. According to the communication group information, Mr. Liu found that many people were seeking advice from “Wall Street analysts”, and the analysts also patiently guided them.
Out of trust in netizens and experts, Mr. Liu then followed the instructions of the female netizen, downloaded the ‘Jufubao’ platform software, registered and opened an account, and invested a total of more than 40,000 yuan in the platform. Unexpectedly, according to the guidance of the analyst, 40,000 yuan was invested. All remaining funds were lost.
Just when Mr. Liu wanted to quit, the female netizen and the analyst insisted that Mr. Liu invest more. Mr. Liu refused and asked to meet the female netizen. Unexpectedly, he was rejected by the female netizen, and was subsequently blocked from QQ. Only then did he realize that he had been deceived and hurried to the Futian Branch Economic Investigation Brigade to call the police. ”
Han Bo put down the case file, raised his head and said: “Continue. ”
“yes! Luo
Min took a deep breath and continued: “Actually, the female netizens and the so-called Wall Street analysts are Chen Xiaojun and Lu Peng. Not only did they deceive themselves, they also recruited several people to act as company managers and telemarketers. After purchasing personal information through the Internet and registering a phone number, they continue to make marketing calls every day, ultimately luring the victim to trade on a fake trading platform. They pretended to be experts and tricked victims into conducting so-called transactions through QQ chat guidance. The principal culprit, Chen Qifa, controlled the client’s capital account and performed back-end control. By defrauding the victim’s trust by making small profits in advance, tricking the victim into continuously increasing their capital investment, and then defrauding the victim by losing money through false transactions controlled by the background. ”
This is not an ordinary fraud gang, it is very cunning and professional.
Telemarketing, Internet marketing, fraud and blacklisting.
The criminal pattern is hidden, the division of labor and cooperation between the gangs is clear, there are dedicated people to build false trading platforms, dedicated people to control the background da