care much. If he has the fourth-grade elixir fire, he can refine it. It took a thousand years to make ebony essence, but Wang Meng still chose to be more cautious. It would be better to borrow Zhou Feng’s alchemy furnace. This ebony essence was hard to come by, and it would be difficult to find this kind of essence of five elements in his current situation.

Touching his face, he suddenly found that there were so many small stubbles. During this period, he almost lived and ate in the alchemy room. Chen Haiguang was covering him and did not disturb him, but the time passed relatively quickly.
He packed up the elixirs. Wang Meng couldn’t guarantee the effectiveness of these elixirs, but they were definitely successful elixirs.
Baibaotang meeting, everyone participates, this is the slogan of Leiguangtang. Of course, Wang Meng wanted to support Hu Jing and the others, and he didn’t bother to hang up his beard and went directly to Leiguang Pavilion.
Normally, once he appears, Ma Tianer will be the first to rush out, but this time Ma Tianer is slower, and someone is faster than her.
Chapter 81: Chest Suffocation Technique
“Senior Brother Wang, you are finally here, thank you, thank you very much!”
A female disciple rushed over, bowed and thanked Wang Meng all the way, which shocked Wang Meng, “Well, did you recognize the wrong person?”
“How could it be? It’s me, little stutterer!” The female Fu cultivator showed a bright smile, and then Ma Tian’er also walked over.
/“Brother Wang, your elixir is so useful. Junior Sister Zheng insisted on taking it, and now she is completely fine. I knew that Brother Wang was the most capable.”
There are many kinds of magical elixirs, but who would pay attention to such a trivial problem as stuttering, but it is a big problem for Zheng Shuang. The junior sisters do not discriminate against her, but they always speak awkwardly, and she is still very uncomfortable. It is difficult for people who have experienced it to understand the awkwardness and sadness. Now it should be Zheng Shuang who is so happy every day.
Wang Meng smiled and said, “As long as it works well, I’m not sure. Speaking of which, I should thank you. The first elixir is finally a success.”
“Senior Brother Wang, you are the best, you have the ability and you are such a good person!” Zheng Shuang’s eyes began to have little stars.
Ma Tianer on the side also nodded in agreement.
“Are you two done? If you keep boasting, I think he will fly.”
With this voice and this tone, she must be Senior Sister Liu Mei Liu.
Although Hu Jing is now the new leader of Fu Xiu, Liu Mei still has considerable influence in Fu Xiu because of her qualifications. She and Hu Jing get along relatively well.
“Sister Liu, long time no see. Hey, why do you feel so radiant?”
Wang Meng said doubtfully.
Ma Tianer and Zheng Shuang immediately laughed, “That’s because of us.”
“Shut up, don’t you two little girls have itchy scalps? You dare to betray me. I’m going to give you a beating!”
Liu Mei jumped up immediately, as if something hurt h