ally made a judgment, “It’s a trebuchet. Judging from the situation, it should be two miles away.”

ally made a judgment, “It’s a trebuchet. Judging from the situation, it should be two miles away.”
Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and one security guard even shouted He said, “The army did it?”
“The army’s trebuchets are much more terrifying than this,” Gu Suifeng replied casually, “They should be homemade by the people. Do you have any suspicion about this seminarian?” ”
Li Yongsheng had two groups of suspects. One group was directed by Boss Zhu, and the other group were the two official servants who were injured by him and Mr. Kong.
Although Gu Suifeng had a bad temper, he was not mindless. When he heard the words “food is the most important thing”, he also frowned. After pondering for a moment, he asked aloud, “It seems that you are selling radios because they are out of stock. Some people?”
I forgot about this! Li Yongsheng nodded, but he always felt, “That’s not what it is, right?”
“People know that you and Shi Weitian are at odds with each other, so they just took the opportunity to add insult to injury.” Under Gu Jiaoyu’s rough appearance, he really has a delicate heart, ” Some people like to hurt others without benefiting themselves, but you can’t guess what’s going on with them
anyway.” Well, I guess what you said makes sense. Li Yongsheng couldn’t refute this logic. “I’m mainly worried that if they are so lawless, what will happen to Mr. Kong?” What dangers will there be?”
Upon hearing the words “Mr. Kong Yu”, Gu Suifeng became uneasy, “This matter must be investigated strictly. Don’t repair this house for now. Let’s file a lawsuit!” The security guards
/The person in the logistics department repaired it. The room is actually very fast, but if you want to preserve the scene, you can’t do it manually.
got Li Yongsheng. I wanted to buy a radio, but this happened, and I felt a little bit sorry, so someone asked: Do you need me to find a room for you to continue working on the radio station?
“Then I’ll trouble you,” Li Yongsheng replied with a stern face – the murderer was not only brutal, but also wanted to destroy his job.
If the radio station cannot continue to broadcast, those who rented the radio will definitely have to return it.
Those who bought a radio will definitely not stop doing it.
Fortunately, in order to prevent accidents, he made two more radio stations and hid them in his pocket bag.
Don’t underestimate that tacky bag. In addition to being able to hold things, there’s something else inside – there’s a storage bag in the middle.
/The security guards helped Li Yongsheng find a utility room, which was also a two-story building. It was filled with all kinds of messy things.
In the second half of the night, he tidied up the utility room to ensure that the radio station could broadcast in the morning.
Early in the morning, he rushed to the gate of the female nuns’ dormitory and told the two announcers the location of the new room.
After hearing this, the two people’s faces turned pale, and then they ignored breakfast and went to see the attacked r