e was an acquaintance beside him, Liu Changan just avoided it nimbly and did not kick the shared motorcycle. He smiled and turned to the familiar voice, which turned out to be Zhao Wuqiang and his parents.

Zhao Wuqiang’s mother’s name is Quan Luoxia. When Zhao Wuqiang was hospitalized, Bai Hui called Liu Changan to visit her classmates, but Quan Luoxia tried to blackmail Liu Changan.
/After discovering that Liu Changan’s parents died and he was an orphan, and couldn’t make a few taels of profit, Quan Luoxia decided to reconcile and then went to find trouble in the scenic spot. As for how much compensation he received later, Liu Changan didn’t know.
You probably won’t get much, and you won’t be able to make a fortune anyway. But for people who want to make trouble and want compensation, they often just knock as much as they can, and don’t take advantage of the bastard.
Standing next to Zhao Wuqiang, the man with a big build but whose aura was slightly suppressed by Quan Luoxia was probably Zhao Wuqiang’s father.
“Zhao Wuqiang.” Seeing his old classmate, Liu Changan naturally greeted him warmly, showing a sincere and slightly regretful smile, “The college entrance examination is about to happen again this year, so you must be careful and don’t look for trouble, so as not to lose your life again. Well, I missed the college entrance examination again. The idiom “missed” really fits your experience unexpectedly.”
“I have been with you for the rest of my life but lost it. This idiom means arm touching arm, passing by. It’s not like my arm was broken. How does it fit with me!” Zhao Wuqiang glared at Liu Changan. As expected, many people looked at him. When I entered university, I completely forgot a lot of basic cultural knowledge.
Liu Changan was shocked that he would make such a stupid mistake! Then he came to his senses. He must have been influenced by Zhu Juntang’s random use of idioms. Otherwise, how could he understand that “missing the hand” was related to a broken arm?
“Liu Chang’an, don’t say these useless things. At first, because you were an orphan, our family didn’t care about you. Now I heard that you have become rich. The school will give you a bonus of 200,000 yuan for your bravery. So what? Is it worth one hundred thousand to our Xiaoqiang?” Quan Luoxia looked at Liu Changan, trying to re-judge Liu Changan’s financial strength.
“That’s right, without our Xiaoqiang, why would you take two hundred thousand?” Zhao Wuqiang’s father stepped forward and blocked Liu Changan with Quan Luoxia.
Liu Changan looked at the parents and then at Zhao Wuqiang, and couldn’t help but show some sympathy.
He was just thinking about the issue of giving birth without raising children, and raising children without educating them. Parents are really not just for anyone. Some people should be trained and educated before having children, and get a certificate before they can work.
How can people like Quan Luoxia and his wife be qualified to be parents? No wonder a little beast like Zhao Wuqiang was cultivated.
/Liu Changan