ysical body crossed and crushed the void. He held a copper whip and cut open the world. It was extremely powerful.

“Kong Xuan? Even if you change your appearance, you can’t hide it from us!” The old man spoke clearly, but it was actually a spiritual tide that was designed to kill the soul, and a peerless light swept over him.
This time, Wang Xuan showed no mercy. He took the initiative and used the Western Heaven Shield in front of him. This was Sun Wukong’s weapon. If he showed it and refused to silence him, he would face great risks.
At the same time, the void space in the outer universe near his body opened silently, and six regular copper spears with rust stains revealed their true form.
Wang Xuan used his real trump card. If he couldn’t kill the opponent, he himself would be killed instantly and he would definitely die. With a pop, blood splashed out.
The extraordinary shock coming from Kuji Ridge, he couldn’t believe his eyes. What he saw, six copper spears with green rust came out. Isn’t this the legendary sacred object of their dojo? !
The big copper female whip in his hand was broken, and several copper spears rushed past, crushing the tide of his soul, and then pierced his physical body and real soul. He couldn’t guard against it!
The fragments of his soul howled in despair. He was really unwilling to accept it. He was a super peer, but he died in the hands of a true immortal. The impossible thing came true.
What puzzled him the most was how those six bronze spears with Taoist charms appeared in Kong Xuan’s hands. Could he be a disciple arranged by the True Sage?
This strong man from Kuji Ridge was angry, desperate, unwilling, and incomprehensible, but he couldn’t change anything. He disintegrated, and his body and spirit were broken together and burned into ashes.
Wang Xuan was delighted. The six-rod bronze spear was indeed very powerful. It was worthy of being something related to a true saint and could become a great killing weapon.
/The most important thing is that he doesn’t need to “raise” himself, just arrange the space.
However, he also keenly noticed that the six-rod bronze spear was a little dimmer. This shows that the Dao charm of the old zombies in the world cannot come here. They are simply consumed here. If necessary, they need to be brought back to the living world to be “raised”.
“This thing may have some useful uses in hell.” The mobile phone wonder said.
/Wang Xuan killed Chao Jueshi and put away the broken Daluo Bronze Mother Whip, firstly because it was indeed a good material, and secondly because he did not want to leave behind a strong energy.
At the same time, the center of his brows glowed, and he was running his true sutra. He regarded this area as nothingness, burned out his breath, and melted away all traces.
He barely stopped, and after completing all this skillfully, he walked away as fast as he could.
“Kong Xuan?!”
After leaving the area, Wang Xuan met the interceptor again, this time it was an acquaintance named Lianran.
Next to her was a cold and charming wom