the enthusiasm of the rich to the greatest extent.

Sun Yaohuo felt that his guess was accurate.
The voice of the rich man surnamed Wang suddenly trembled: “I sponsored the money for this art exhibition, so let’s make friends with Teacher Shadow. Let’s do this together, Brother Yaohuo!”
The rich man named Wang can imagine:
If this news spreads, I am afraid that the entire rich circle will flock to him!
To know.
In the circle of rich people.
Shadow’s painting soul series has become a legend and is coveted by countless top wealthy people!
This is one of the few pieces of art that money can’t buy!
I believe that the art exhibition scene will be crazy beyond imagination!
The art exhibition is on the agenda.
Things went smoothly beyond imagination.
The date is tentatively set for around October.
When Sun Yaohuo informed Lin Yuan of the news, it was already March 20th.
this day.
/Lin Yuan just finished writing the content of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.
View full text.
Lin Yuan feels that the ending of this film is a bit sadistic, and some readers may not be able to accept it.
However, the situation is controllable, because the dead character has not been written much before, although the content of this film is very successful in shaping the character.
If the reader’s favorite character was not stabbed, it wouldn’t be called torture, it would just be a dead tool.
Later readers will find:
In fact.
The Harry Potter series is a work that gets darker and darker as it goes on. The tone becomes more depressing than the last, and more people die than the last.
The next step is violent mode.
at the moment.
Blue Star readers are ready to welcome this beginning.
That night.
Silver Blue Library released news:
Readers who had been looking forward to this moment suddenly screamed!
finally come!
Chu Kuang, a strong coder, is as strong as ever!
Today is different from the past. Three Harry Potter series have been released, and each one is more popular than the last.
Got to this one.
The Ham fan organization has grown tremendously.
/The heat has fermented to this day, and is higher than the previous three parts.
Now it has reached the point where the whole internet is talking about it as soon as the news comes out!
“Chu Kuang’s coding speed is unmatched in the world!”
“The more, the merrier, I will buy as many as they come out!”
“Hahahaha, are you not afraid of the old thief’s sword now?”
“How is it possible to issue a knife? After all, this is still a category of children’s literature. Besides, I have watched three of them. Each one is more heartwarming than the other. You can buy this one with confidence. There is no need for Shen Nong to test the poison. Shen Nongs should retire!”
“As the saying goes, nothing matters more than three things.”
“The old thief has written so well in three consecutive films. There is no sign of illness at all, so there is no need to worry at all!”
“Actually, someone dies in every movie, su