den hall were The staff all looked at each other. Are these the so-called upper class people who are well-dressed and elegant?

Where is the gentleman you promised?
Where is the lady we promised?
/Not even just casual viewers.
Including those in the boxes who are either rich or noble.
Those eyes directed at Xianyu were also filled with unconcealable passion!
“Grandpa, I want to marry him!”
It’s that box again and that girl who is unusual and therefore very confident. However, this time the girl who is unusual seems to be crying and wanting to marry Xianyu Naiwei’er.
Let go of your pride.
This unusual girl did not even make any coquettish and domineering remarks like “marry him” this time.
“Then fight, seize, and rob.”
The old man said with a smile. He originally wanted to give his granddaughter a warning in advance and seize an advantage in the competition between all parties. However, this young man was too unexpected. He was like a sword inlaid with diamonds. Even if it was hidden, The golden nanmu bookcase could not block the dazzling light. What’s more, today he showed off his sharpness and took the initiative to become the center of attention. How could a little girl like his granddaughter resist his charm?
have to.
It depends on who can grab it.
What the old man didn’t know was that in the next box, there was also a good-looking girl. She was staring at the stage with a regretful face and a look of reluctance: “So he is Xianyu, why didn’t I find out earlier!”
Next to the girl is a middle-aged man: “You were the one who ran away in the first place.”
The girl gritted her teeth: “It doesn’t matter, there is no man in this world that I can’t chase!”
The middle-aged man smiled bitterly. This daughter is always extremely confident. Haven’t she understood yet? After today, Xianyu has officially entered the shooting range of all famous girls.
In other words.
My daughter’s future competitors may all have “extraordinary backgrounds.”
The concert will end here.
in the past.
And today.
It’s really unbelievable.
“Will you challenge Qin Zhen for the throne after Yang Zhongming and I?”
As the richest man in Blue Star, Wang Luo was completely conquered by Xianyu’s music after listening to “Symphony of Destiny”.
After listening to “The Song of Prince Lanling Entering the Battle”, Wang Luo felt like he had completely become a fan of Xianyu’s dance again!
The face is like jade.
The posture is like pine.
As graceful as a startled dragon.
Like a swimming dragon.
Many beautiful words appeared in Wang Luo’s mind, and he felt that they could all be applied to Xianyu’s head, but they still felt a bit monotonous: “After all, in addition to music and dance, he is also a great writer who shocked the past and the present. !”
Chasing stars!
I want to chase stars!
Abigail sighed softly after listening to “Prince Lanling Enters the Battle Song”.
In terms of the completion of the work, “Symphony of Destiny” is certainly unparalleled.
Even if “The Song of Prince Lanling Enters the Battle” is alrea