ses.” Shang Yi raised the feathered flag in his hand and motioned Jiang Qingyao to pick up the Zixiao Hedao Sword.

When Wang Xuan saw this, he also held the health stove in his hand. The other party did not stop him. He really didn’t care at all, he was extremely powerful and confident.
“Chi!” A sword light that illuminated the starry sky fell, first knocking Wang Xuan and the health furnace away, causing his whole body to turn red, his mouth, nose and ears to be clogged with blood, and his bones and internal organs torn apart, causing unprecedented severe injuries. .
After Shang Yi hacked him away, he slashed at Jiang Qingyao with his sword. It seemed that there was no force, but the sword light was unparalleled. Fairy Ren Jian changed dozens of sword skills one after another. There was order around her, and the sword light was It turned into a sea, turned into a mountain, turned into regular stars, arranged into a killing formation, but still couldn’t stop Shang Yi!
Jiang Qingyao was penetrated by a sword light that defeated all the mysteries of the sword from a long distance and cut through the power of order emerging from various scriptures.
The Zixiao Hedao Sword in her hand was dimmed due to the blow of the sword light, from resuscitation to silence.
/“Qingyao!” Wang Xuan’s eyes were about to burst. The unparalleled sword light penetrated the sword fairy, destroying the vitality in her body and tearing apart her five internal organs. The soul was also cut into pieces. The sword intent filled her body, and she was helpless. Everywhere.
Even the peerless immortals will die if they are hit by Shang Yi’s sword light. There will be no suspense. That is the supreme rule of swordsmanship. Looking at the human world and the immortal world, few people can stop it.
Wang Xuan was about to rush over, but was stopped by Shang Yi.
Wang Xuan’s body was trembling slightly and his eyes were red. He tried his best to activate the health furnace and attacked like crazy, trying to get close to Jiang Qingyao.
However, Shang Yi is like a magic mountain, suppressing the world and unable to cross.
“Shang Yi, you said it yourself, let her go after she blocked your sword.” Wang Xuan coughed up blood and said.
Strictly speaking, Shang Yi did not attack Jiang Qingyao anymore, but if he prevented him from going there for treatment, she would still be destined to die.
/Wang Xuan saw that he was still blocking the road and stopped talking.
He shook his body. Although he had endless anger, murderous intent, and full of fighting blood, he seemed pale and powerless in front of Shang Yi’s Taoism that surpassed the earthly immortal.
At this time, he finally triggered the divine sense with difficulty!
He tried his best to mobilize the power in the three light spots, shake the treasure, drag his broken body, and attack desperately to kill him.
However, it was still useless. Shang Yi showed a strange color, blocked his offensive, and observed his path. Then as time passed, when he exited that special state, Shang Yi waved the f