ry speed slowed down, which was one of them. .

Well, after being cut in half, the guy who was able to hide his body under Wei Xiaobei’s induction pulse finally showed his true side.
It is still humanoid, with a short stature, about 1.5 meters. Green juice oozes from the wounds on the body that was cut into two pieces. It is wearing a set of matte black clothes, or light armor. Of course, this is just because it was damaged. The color that appears later.
/Wei Xiaobei sensed the surrounding environment and found no further danger. At the same time, Wei Xiaobei turned on the electromagnetic field to the extreme.
No way, if there are a few guys like this who can even dodge induction pulses, they will be in trouble.
Then, Wei Xiaobei glanced at the other party’s clothes and body, and activated his powerful knowledge.
Name: Dark Templar Corpse.
Race: Protoss.
Introduction: This is the body of the Dark Templar. The Dark Templar is a high-end unit of the Protoss clan. It can hide its body in the air, and even strong bright light cannot reveal its body.
Well, after this so-called Dark Templar turns into a corpse, many things cannot be seen, including but not limited to creature level, attributes, skills, special skills, etc.
And its clothes seemed to be a treasure, although they had become dilapidated.
Name: Dark Templar Invisibility Cloak (Broken)
Introduction: In order to further enhance the invisibility of the Dark Templar, the Dark Templar of the Protoss has specially developed this invisibility cloak, which helps the Dark Templar avoid most detection modes, including but not limited to visible light detection. Psychopathy, infrared detection, etc.
After reading the introduction of the invisibility cloak, Wei Xiaobei peeled off the clothes from the corpse without thinking. Although the clothes were already stained with a lot of green juice, well, it should be this guy’s blood, Wei Xiaobei still didn’t want to. Disgusted, he put it into a storage ring.
Wei Xiaobei is still waiting to study it after he goes back, or recruit a few experts in this field to study it. In short, if this thing is studied well, the value contained in it can be imagined.
Of course, it would be great if you could get an unbroken invisibility cloak.
But this is not possible for the time being.
As the Dark Templar was broken in half by Wei Xiaobei, the Protoss base over there seemed to have sensed the Dark Templar’s death. The next moment, all the fanatics, dragon knights, and even probes and a The mechanical worm that was slowly arching on the ground, well, that is, the golden beetle was heading towards this direction.
/Did he kill some big shot in the Protoss?
When Wei Xiaobei saw this scene, he couldn’t help but feel excited. He immediately found the description of the battle and started checking it.
After seeing this, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but rub his brows.
He suddenly realized that he seemed to be a bit unlucky during this period.
You will provoke the hatred of some powerful enemies at every turn!
Battle description: The