w Yang Dingtian away a few more times if he had the chance, so as not to keep showing such an unclear and stupid look. However, before he finished thinking about it, Yang Dingtian said: “While you were unconscious before, At that time, I tried my new ability, but I made a new discovery.” After saying that, Yang Dingtian took out his spear from his eyes and threw it directly to Pei Jiao.

Pei Jiao took the spear strangely and asked, “What’s wrong with this natural weapon? Could you be able to use the special ability of this natural weapon?”
/But Yang Dingtian shook his head and said: “No, you first have a look at the capacity of this natural weapon.”
Pei Jiao frowned and focused his thoughts on this natural weapon. After a long time, he said in surprise: “The capacity of this natural weapon has been reduced? Why is the mantissa nine?”
This is a very incomprehensible phenomenon, that is, the capacity of all natural weapons is almost an integer. Except for the lowest-level natural weapons with a capacity of only twenty or thirty, any natural weapon with a capacity of more than fifty must have a mantissa of Zero is an absolutely correct integer, but the natural weapon capacity of the spear in Pei Jiao’s hand ends at nine. This situation is simply incredible.
After Yang Dingtian heard this, he took out a small silver-white iron block from his pocket. The small iron block turned into a silver liquid in his hand. Then he took the spear in Pei Jiao’s hand, and then saw that it was in his hand. The silver liquid flowed onto the spear like liquid metal. In a moment, the silver liquid disappeared, but the spear still looked the same as before. After doing all this, Yang Dingtian handed the spear to Pei Jiao and said: ” Look again.”
Pei Jiao took the spear strangely. An idea vaguely appeared in his mind, but this idea was so shocking that even he couldn’t believe it. He just turned his mind to the spear, and sure enough! The digit of this spear has become zero again!
/Yang Dingtian was also excited at this moment. He said hurriedly: “Because my special ability has advanced, I started to experiment non-stop after I came back. It turned out that I can not only melt the food of obsession, but even this natural weapon It can also be melted, but it can only melt the next obsession at most each time, and it takes a long time to rest, so I wondered if I could use the obsession of other natural weapons to make up for the obsession of this spear. If so If you can, just give me a period of time, and the capacity of this spear will be increased without limit!”
Pei Jiao also immediately became excited. He hurriedly took out the extra natural weapons from the Netherworld Ring and said immediately: “Try it, try it quickly!”
Yang Dingtian smiled bitterly and said: “No need, I have already taken David’s ax from him before. Indeed, the obsession with other natural weapons can also be melted, but the obsession with each weapon can only be melted into On top of my own weapons, other natural weapons cannot be melted. When I fused, I felt a hu