…Klein’s mind froze for a second, and then he let out a silent sigh.
Loen Kingdom, East Chester County, in a woodland.
Farmers from nearby villages gathered here to pick the strange mushrooms that were covered with tree roots, rotten wood and bushes.
According to the laws of the kingdom, this forest land and everything growing in it should belong to its owner, Miss Audrey Hall. However, the continuation of the war, the collection of food, and the high taxes and fees have made the farmers no longer care about violating the law. , that is something that needs to be considered only if you are alive, and the more people participate, the bolder they will naturally become.
They formed a small team, picked them very efficiently, and divided the mushrooms that were either covered with gold stars or had fat patterns into two parts. A small part was kept for their own consumption, and a large part was prepared to be sold to the grain merchants waiting outside the forest in exchange for Gold pounds were used to buy necessary items such as salt and cloth.
The farmers didn’t go too far, taking only a portion of the fruit on the trees except for the mushrooms, leaving enough to hand over to the caretakers of the woodlands.
In just two or three hours, the farmers sold a large amount of mushrooms and fruits, packed their gold pounds, carried rations on their backs, and returned to their villages with smiles on their faces.
For them, everything that happened today was what they wanted to do, and it also achieved their intended purpose.
The bearded grain merchant was equally happy, because these were unexpected harvests, and under the current situation, they could earn him a lot of money.
He took the workers and moved a large amount of mushrooms and fruits to a processing point outside the city, processed them accordingly, and then put them all into the warehouse.
As a meticulous businessman, he checked the warehouse again after sending away the workers. After confirming that everything was correct, he closed and locked the door himself.
At this moment, he saw a thick stack of cash on the ground, all in denominations of 10 pounds.
“When did I lose so much money?” The grain merchant happily bent down and picked up the stack of banknotes.
While counting, he suddenly remembered the origin of the money:
They are the proceeds from selling the mushroom powder, dried mushrooms and preserved fruits!
“It’s really rich!” The bearded businessman sighed with satisfaction, turned around and left the warehouse.
Inside the warehouse, Audrey, who was wearing a light blue dress, released her “psychological invisibility” and took out a black bag.
/This is the “traveler’s luggage” she rented from “Judgment” Hugh.
Then, Audrey, with her blond hair simply holding her arm, easily poured the bags of grain into the black bag.
After doing all this, she took out another copper-green notebook with a hard shell and turned to the page where “Teleport” was recorded.
This is the “Lemanor Travel Notes” from “Magician” Forsi.
And what happene