ple, living land people? ” “Zhang Lisheng asked in a daze.

ple, living land people? ” “Zhang Lisheng asked in a daze.
“Yes, the great attackers, there are more than a hundred land people alive. I divided them into men and women and imprisoned them in stone circles. ”
Now the tribe’s attention should be focused on the Hell Islands. The mainland is still too far away for us,” Zhang Lisheng thought for a while and said, “There is no need to imprison those land people to waste food. Build them a raft and let them continue on their own.” of sailing. ”
/Everyone with a little knowledge of navigation knows that building a raft to let people sail is just a euphemism for ‘letting them die’. When I heard that Zhang Lisheng would use such cruel methods to treat land people without even seeing him, I was so embarrassed. Shang’s mixed expression flashed away, and he said: “Great conqueror, I thought so too at first, but when I saw the ‘chart’ of the Hell Islands in the hands of those landmen…” ”
Chart of the Hell Islands” ! Zhang Lisheng exclaimed, interrupting Wu Litou’s words, “Are you referring to the navigation chart, Tugla?” ”
Chapter 420 ‘The show begins’
. Seeing the shocked expression of the tribal conqueror, Tugra respectfully replied: “Great conqueror, the sea map is filled with vague and undecipherable text symbols soaked in sea water, with a rough outline. It’s very similar to the corner of the chart you hung in the treehouse. I think it should be a partial chart of the Hell Islands.
“Bring it to me at once, Tugla, bring me that chart! ” “Zhang Lisheng said anxiously after hearing this.
The names of nautical charts and nautical charts sound similar, but in fact they are completely different. If a nautical chart is equivalent to a rough ocean topography map, then a nautical chart includes the entire sea area. An encyclopedia of ocean current data, reef distribution, and even island product information.
Although Zhang Lisheng intercepted part of the Hell Sea area on the ‘Hai Xia No. 2 World’ satellite map that included the entire Hell Islands and most of the continent. It has become a nautical chart, but it is still a huge task to explore the routes between islands in a “different world” where dangers are everywhere, the seabed is full of rocks, the ocean currents are turbulent and strange, sea monsters emerge in an endless stream, and severe and extreme weather often appears. Even if it was only a small part of the project, he could not help but be excited and anxious if there were ready-made nautical charts to use.
“As ordered. ” Sensing the eagerness of the tribal conqueror, the Wu Litou man stood up and hurriedly retreated. After a while, he led eight native servants to carefully carry a ten-foot-square wooden board back to the bark house.
Arriving in front of Zhang Lisheng, Tugla hinted at the helpers to put up the planks, while bending down and explaining to the young man: “The great conqueror. When I found this nautical chart it was so fragile that it had been eroded by storms and could only be preserved by sticking it to a wooden board. ”
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