e him, he would refuse by practicing in seclusion.

e him, he would refuse by practicing in seclusion.
/Yin Kuang has made up his mind! Since you are all plotting this and that, making the situation lifeless, unpredictable, and annoying, I will break this stalemate with a stick. How will you fare when the time comes?
/The first year of Chuping, February 15, 190 AD. For college students, there are still 54 days until the end of the “Battle between East and West Schools”, and half of the time has passed. As of today, 312 people have died in Dongsheng and 228 people have died in Xishen. The difference between east and west is 84 points. In other words, if Dongsheng cannot score more points than Xishen in the next fifty days, then Dongsheng will lose this inter-school exam.
At 4 o’clock in the morning, Yin Kuang opened his eyes suddenly and jumped up. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and when you open your eyes again, a restrained light flashes past, without any trace of sleepiness. Soon, Yin Kuang put on a pair of night clothes and tied ropes on his hands and feet to prevent the clothes from making any noise. Wearing black night clothes, Yin Kuang completely blended into the night.
Yin Kuang quietly came to the side yard of Wang Yun’s mansion, gathered his breath, and with one kick, he floated over the wall like a ghost, rushed into a big tree outside the wall, and hid himself in the big tree. among the leaves of the tree. After waiting for a while and seeing no movement, Yin Kuang slipped down the tree trunk, got into the weeds not far away, and slipped into the alley not far away under the cover of the weeds. The figure disappeared in an instant. No wonder Yin Kuang is so careful. Because Dong Zhuo’s people disappeared around Wang Yun’s mansion and monitored him around the clock. Yin Kuang had to be sneaky every time he went in and out.
I don’t know why, but the security in Chang’an City these days is simply outrageous. Not to mention at night, even during the day, there were soldiers running around everywhere. Anyone who behaved suspiciously would not be spared, so that the people in the city did not dare to go out. The huge city of Chang’an was completely rendered lifeless.
After passing through most of Chang’an City, dodging patrols of patrols one after another, Yin Kuang came to an unused house in the slums under the east city wall. After repeatedly confirming that he was not being followed, Yin Kuang pulled up the bed board in the room, and a secret passage darker than the night appeared in front of Yin Kuang. This secret passage was dug by Yin Kuang himself, reaching more than ten meters underground and extending to the outside of the city. The secret passage is just wide and high enough for one person to walk.
After passing through the secret passage, Yin Kuang emerged from a place with dense weeds outside the city. Looking back, you can see the majestic and thick black city wall lying in front of you, awe-inspiring and insurmountable. The vicissitudes of life and weight that hit his face made Yin Kuang feel a bit of unbearable depression. Turn